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Growing Vegetables

DIY Guide To Master Vegetables
Cultivation At Home Starting From Zero
How To Grow Healthy Food And Make Profit

Growing Vegetables: Image
Growing Vegetables: Image

March 23, 2021

Have you ever wanted to grow a garden to grow healthy, flavourful food right in your own backyard? Want to be more self-sufficient and make some income by selling fresh vegetables? If you've always dreamt of a garden but had no idea where to start, then Growing Vegetables is the book for you. It has all the information you need to get going and get growing! 

It's difficult to plant and maintain a garden if you've never done it before, but the good news is, anyone with a little bit of space and a lot of will to learn can be a gardener, and a darn good one, and this book is a terrific place to start! In Growing Vegetables, you'll discover everything you need to know about:

✔ planning, choosing a site for, designing, and building your dream garden
✔ basic botany and horticulture for the home gardener
✔ stocking your tool shed with the right gadgets and hand tools
✔  how to choose seeds, seedlings, and cuttings to get the perfect plantings
✔ watering, irrigation, and drainage
✔ soil quality, pH, and nutrient requirements
✔ using fertilizers, insecticides, and other garden chemicals safely and effectively
✔ troubleshooting your garden for pests and pathogens
✔ making the most out of small spaces with stakes, trellises, vertical gardening
✔ maintaining and winterizing your garden
✔ companion planting and crop rotation
✔ monetizing your garden by selling plants, vegetables, and seeds
✔ and much more!

Growing Vegetables is a one-volume primer on all things veggie! You'll learn about the ways you can make your garden work for you with tons of information on building a business with your products and finding ways to maximize your harvest. There are also chapters devoted to the cultivation and care of dozens of popular vegetables, including recommended varieties, companion plants, and sowing and harvest guides to help you choose the plants that are best for you. 

With in-depth looks at the life cycle of a plant, you'll come to understand not only how they grow but why they grow the way they do and why proper soil, nutrients, and water are so important. Yet another chapter will show you how to find the best location for your garden and how to get set up with traditional and raised beds for maximum planting power. You'll also learn about compost and fertilizers, pest management and weed control, and correct watering techniques to make your garden happy the entire growing season. And happy plants produce bigger harvests! 

If you've ever wondered where to look for a comprehensive beginner's gardening guide, then look no further. You've come to the right place, so grab your copy and dig in. You can't grow a beautiful, thriving, productive garden without having the background information you need, so dive on into Growing Vegetables: DIY Guide to Master Vegetable Cultivation at Home Starting From Zero. How to Grow Healthy Food and Make Profit and get learning today!

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