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The author bridging the gap between empowerment and sustainability

Thiago P.K. Land, is a promising new author that revolutionized the way people see health and profits with his first book, Growing Mushrooms. The book was not only a guide on how to grow the plant/fungi but talked about a sustainable lifestyle that can be profitable for people on a financial level, personal level, and health-wise.

The author is an advocate of sustainability and empowerment, aiming to provide people with an outlook that caters to different niches holistically. He focuses on three things primarily in his books: health, financial gain, and a secondary purpose.

From a very young age, Thiago learned the importance of these three core values and how they help make oneself and the community strong, prosperous, and sustainable. His education may not be as astonishing as his colleagues in the industry, but his thought process, experience, and relatability is what sets him apart.

As an avid reader of both fiction and nonfiction books, Thiago always felt that a compelling book should allow the readers an escape while guiding them in making their lives better; consequently, he devoted himself to find ways to bridge that gap. In his exploration phase, he found different styles and approaches that intrigued him, the genre that interested him, and started to work towards Guide books. But he added a twist of his own; his books are not merely a step-by-step dos and don't but have stories, ideas, thought-provoking questions, and more. An approach that covers all his core values and helps in promoting what he believes in and what the community needs.

This talented author has the power in his words to gravitate people; his words may be simple but provide a sense of realization and motivation. Thiago's passion is not just limited to writing books and guiding people through words, but he is also a proud in-house Gardner with various vegetables and fruits growing in his backyard. He also actively gives to the community by doing social service, charity, and helping people as a mentor.

The author believes that bringing change in oneself or the community shouldn't be a daunting task that requires some grand gesture; hence through his actions and words trying to promote the concept that small things like growing something in your backyard and utilizing it or sharing it can be beneficial to you and the community, and labels it as the first step to empowerment and sustainability. 

"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."  ― Abraham Lincoln

This quotation rightfully encompasses the author's goal with his books and services. He is currently writing another book on Growing Vegetables and a fiction book with the same intent but a different approach, a romantic slice of life book to cater to the masses.

The author is determined to revolutionize people's mindset regarding their lifestyle and create an impact that will bring a favorable change and make a world better, prosperous and sustainable. 

Therefore it is safe to say that Thiago P.K. Land is not only the author that guides to grow vegetables and plants but helps people in growing as an individual and creating a thriving community.

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